Plastic vs. regular packing supplies

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When you are moving you need to pack. And for packing, you will need plenty of boxes no matter where and how you are moving. What many people don’t know is that there are two types of packing supplies. Plastic and regular packing supplies. How to choose between the two? Which one is better than the other? These are exactly the things we are going to discuss and help you make up your mind on which packing supplies you should use for your upcoming move.


The main thing that people want to know is the cost of these supplies. As moving is expensive, people want to save as much money on supplies. And if you are one of them, cardboard boxes are for you. They are much more inexpensive than plastic boxes. You can purchase a bunch of them for just a few dollars. They are great because they come in various sizes and shapes even though they are so cheap and you can easily find them if you need to pack and organize your belongings last minute. Another good thing about using cardboard boxes is that they are much easier to find. If you are lucky you could even get them for free. You could go to your local supermarket and ask the employees if they have some cardboard boxes in the back that they don’t need.

But if you are looking for something more durable, for example, if you are moving abroad, you might want to consider getting plastic boxes. Even though they are a bit more expensive, they will last throughout the whole move and you won’t have to worry about your belongings as much as you would when using regular cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes also come in various shapes and sizes. What’s also good about plastic boxes is that you won’t need as many of them as you would need cardboard boxes. Because they are so sturdy, you can purchase just a few big boxes and pack your belongings. This will also save you some money if you are moving with movers. The fewer boxes you have the less you pay for moving.


We already mentioned that plastic boxes are much more durable than regular boxes but there are a few more things you should know. Plastic boxes are also reusable. So if you are someone who moves a lot because of work, investing in plastic boxes might be a much better solution. Once you unpack after the move, you can store these boxes and save them for your next one even if you will be relocating in your area with ease.

Plastic boxes are also great to have around if you have some things that need to be stored away. They do a much better job of keeping your belongings safe. Plastic boxes are water-resistant and that is what makes them perfect for long term storing. They are also much more convenient as they are usually see-through and you won’t have to open them to see what’s inside if you happen to need anything. As you can see, even though plastic boxes aren’t as cheap, they can be used for a lot of things and they have a lot of advantages to them. So as far as convenience goes, plastic boxes win.

Cardboard boxes also have some perks to them besides being cheaper. Cardboard boxes are recyclable. This means that once you are done using them, you can recycle them and help the environment that way. Using plastic boxes is not very eco-friendly but they do last a long time and they reduce stress when moving long-distance.

Which ones are easier to move?

When using cardboard boxes as packing supplies you have to think about a lot of things. You need to secure them with a lot of tape. You have to fill them with bubble pack if you are packing something breakable. Another thing you also have to have in mind is the fact that cardboard boxes can’t carry a lot of weight or they will open up and all your belongings will fall out and potentially get damaged.

These are the things you won’t have to worry about if you are using plastic boxes. They almost always come with handles and lids that you can secure without using tape. They can hold a lot of weight so you can pack as many things as you want in them. You also won’t have to worry about stacking them one on top of the other as they are sturdy and hard to break. So the answer to the question “which ones are easier to move?” would be plastic boxes. Even if you use all the assistance you need when moving, using plastic boxes is a much better idea.

In conclusion

As you can already tell by yourself, investing in plastic boxes as moving supplies is a great idea even though they are expensive. You can reuse them as many times as you want. They are also much easier to handle when it comes to moving. Plastic boxes are also a much better solution for those who are moving often and for those who have some things that need to be stored away. Plastic boxes are great for moving with a moving company as they are much easier to stack on top of each other and carry around. Because of all the reasons we listed, we think that using plastic boxes is a much better idea than using cardboard boxes for your upcoming move.