The best vacuum cleaners for cleaning services

The question of choosing the right vacuum cleaners is vital for every cleaning company. There are various vacuum cleaners which are necessary for performing different cleaning services and companies need to choose the right one which would suit its needs. Deep cleaner or carpet cleaner, Upright vacuum, Canister vacuum, Handheld vacuum, etc. – all these types of vacuum cleaners can be used by cleaning companies like crime scene cleaning company charlotte north Carolina or mold remediation services albuquerque new mexico. Hence, there are different priorities when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner as well as any other professional cleaning equipment.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the huge choice of professional vacuum cleaners, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • consider current and future needs.
  • decide on a filtration and dust option.
  • research different brands/models, try out products for ease of use.
  • explore warranty and service options.
  • compare the distinctive features of different vacuum cleaners which are available in specialised stores and then choose the best one which meets your company’s needs and requirements.

Replacing a vacuum cleaner(s) or adding a new type of vacuum cleaner(s) to your company’s arsenal will take time, patience and necessary documentation. Once a cleaning company like crime scene cleaning company charlotte north carolina made their choice, the management must provide necessary training and ensure that all employees are carefully retrained for new equipment.

You should know that professional vacuum cleaners are designed for 6-8 hours of daily use in a wide variety of pollution conditions whereas consumer vacuum cleaners are designed for light use. In addition, professional vacuum cleaners have a much longer warranty period than household vacuum cleaners, which saves money on repair, maintenance and replacement of the vacuum cleaner.

In addition to product characteristics, business owners running such companies as crime scene cleaning company charlotte north Carolina to know how different models work, in other words, how effective these vacuum cleaners are in dealing with complex pollution. For an independent assessment, you can look at the assessment of the CRI Carpet Institute, which is a reputable foreign certifier for both professional and household vacuum cleaners. There are several producers of vacuum cleaners which you can definitely rely on.

Bissell Company

Founded by Anna and Melville Bissell in 1876, Bissell remains a family owned company that helps cleaning companies provide effective and professional service. Bissell brand is committed to offering the best in professional deep cleaning equipment including a wide range of vacuum cleaners for all types of floor care.

CleanMax Company

CleanMax is a 60 year old division of Tacony Corporation, a company based in Fenton, Missouri. The company has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners for over 30 years and is experienced in providing high quality products and services for consumer and commercial markets. The company produces cleaning equipment with superior cleaning capabilities and unique features at a fair price. Another distinguishing feature of CleanMax professional vacuum cleaners is the low cost of maintenance, so cleaning service providers like crime scene cleaning company charlotte north Carolina should definitely have vacuum cleaners of this producer in their arsenal.


CLEANFIX is recognized as an innovator in light and ergonomic vacuum cleaners. Today this brand offer over 25 types of vacuum cleaners for cleaning companies.

Nowadays, there are a lot of reputable brands which produce vacuum cleaners of high quality. It’s possible to find the one or several models which will suit your needs, however, like any other equipment, you should take time and study the properties very carefully.