How to get rid of mold. The Best Mold Cleaning Solutions

Although mold seems harmless, you should know that it’s very harmful for human health and you should take it seriously. Mold particles aka spores spread through the air in an infected room, entering the body when inhaling them. Regular contact with mold seriously affects the immune system and provokes severe asthma attacks. Fighting the effects of mold infestation can take years. People who care about their health immediately turn to the cleaning companies like mold remediation services albuquerque new mexico and ask them to take care of this dangerous fungus as soon as possible.

Not only does mold pose threat to the human health, it also has high destructive potential when it comes to the walls, ceiling, items made of wood, etc. This fungus spoils furniture, accelerates the wear of equipment. It is almost impossible to remove it permanently by the household cleaning products, that’s why mold remediation services albuquerque new mexico use only professional cleaning solutions to get rid of it. However, at the first stage of the mold growth, you can try some household products to remove it. Remember, if the level of humidity increases in an apartment or a house, dark spots appear on the walls again. Let’s have a look at the most effective mold treatments that can give the best results.

To get rid of mold in the bathroom or in the kitchen yourself, it is not necessary to spray professional chemicals. In the early stages of infection, the premises can be limited to affordable household products that are found on the shelves of supermarkets. The following products have received high consumer reviews for their effectiveness against local fungal infection.

These products are designed specifically to fight the black fungus in the kitchen. They can be found at your local store and can be applied without professional training. Most of these products contain components to prevent mold from appearing on the surfaces. Unfortunately, the fungus can appear again even after treating the surfaces with powerful “preventive” household cleaning products, but the effect usually lasts for the first 5-7 days. If you can’t cope with mold on your own, you should apply to the mold remediation services albuquerque new mexico which will certainly help you take care of it.


Mellerud is an antifungal, chlorine based product of intensive action. It is supplied in a spray bottle ready for use immediately after purchase. Mellerud is used to remove mold from the house, clean the decorative elements of the facade, remove mold spots from the pool. This is one of the most toxic substances. Be sure to use additional protective equipment, and ensure constant ventilation of the premises during home cleaning.

The solution removes mold, algae and bacteria from most surfaces, including all types of tiles, wood, stone and artificial materials. Simply spray Mellerud on the affected area and let the solution dry for 20-25 minutes before rinsing off with hot water. This product is also used by professionals who provide mold remediation services albuquerque new mexico.


An effective German-made product to combat mold. It is recommended for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and toilets, facades or balconies. Effectively cracks down on mold and bacteria, but is harmless to most surfaces. The original chlorine-free formula is suitable for delicate cleaning and decor restoration.

This product is supplied in a compact bottle with a convenient spray bottle. After application, the product must be left on the surfaces for 2-3 days, then it can be washed off if necessary. This remedy corrodes thick layers of mold, leaving no trace of dark spots. This produc can be also found in the arsenal of mold remediation services albuquerque new mexico.

The Cif Specialist Spray Anti Mould spray

This cleaning solution is packaged in a convenient spray bottle. The product is intended for local treatment of black mold. It requires thorough ventilation of the room, even if you are treating a small area with fungus.

The Cif Specialist Spray Anti Mould spray shows fantastic results when treating affected surfaces. The fungus dies within 10-20 minutes.

Remember, it’s better to prevent the appearance of mold rather than fight it. At the first stage you can use household products, however if you see that mold keeps growing, turn to the professional mold remediation services.